Thursday, 20 November 2014

Good On Ya, Kid

I played at a course just outside Hilton Head last winter and was hanging around waiting for Kathryn to pick me up. It was a cold, blustery day and I was feeling pretty good after managing to shoot 72 or 73 in really tough conditions.

There were just two of us out there practising that afternoon because of the weather. Me, because I was waiting on a ride, and this kid. I had been watching him hit balls from my vantage point on the putting green and this kid had a great swing. I figured he was hitting his drives about 200 yards, which at sea level and in the cold was pretty damn good for a kid who looked to be 90 pounds soaking wet.

He made his way from the practice tee over to the green and started chipping balls. I told him he had a great swing and he thanked me. I then said I figured he must be a pretty good player and wondered whether he had managed to shoot par yet. He looked at me, somewhat surprised, and said, "I've shot 62." He went on the tell me that he was the State champion in his age group, all very matter of fact, without a hint of conceit.

I jokingly told him I should get his autograph. He then replied that he had been asked by a gentleman to sign a golf ball after he'd won the State championship and he thought that was kind of cool. I agreed. We chipped and putted for a few more minutes before I saw Kathryn pulling in to the lot.

I said good bye to the kid and told him to keep up the great golf. He said he would. I then added, "Don't ever stop having fun."

"Yes Sir," he replied.

I looked him up later on the net and there he was standing with the other State champs. But, do you think I can remember the kid's name? I should have got his autograph. He would have thought it was cool. What a nice kid.

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