Monday, 9 March 2015

Man on a Mission?

Dustin Johnson is back. He has a WGC championship and has been regularly in the hunt since his return to competition after a six month hiatus. It certainly appears that he is back with a clear head, and a game and attitude that appears ready to take him to the next level.

DJ has always had all the tools to be one of the top players in the game. Long, lean, and strong like bull, he is probably the most gifted, or natural athlete in the game, which now boasts many gifted athletes. He has always had the length to bring the longest courses to their knees. But a new and improved attitude may be the difference. He displayed a resolute calmness on his way to the victory this week. Despite a balky putter for the first three days, he kept his cool and stayed in touch with the leader until his putter began to cooperate.

You need self belief to be the top man in this game. Perhaps, with this victory, we may be witnessing the coming of age of a great champion. In Wayne Gretzky, his father in law, DJ perhaps has the means to gain the insight into just what it takes to be the best of the bunch. While Wayne was never the greatest athlete in his game, he was the smartest. If DJ, with his immense physical gifts, can find a way to tap in to that Gretzky mind, watch out folks, he'll be  tough to beat.

Maybe he's the next great American player. He's taken some time, but he's still in his prime. Good luck to him. For this week at least, he was the best of the best. He might be a guy to put a wager on to donn a green jacket and break Rory's heart.