Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Come on Thursday!

Masters week seems to be the longest week of my life, waiting for three o'clock Thursday afternoon, when the real coverage finally starts. As usual, it promises some compelling stories, and some great golf. 

Tiger is apparently looking good and sporting his old swagger. Phil showed some signs of regaining some form last week. Rory will be a man on a mission. Jordan Spieth will probably contend, as he's done the last month or so. The list of contenders is as long as it's been in ages.

But, as is usually the case, Augusta National will be the star, immaculately prepared to delight the eyes, terrify the players, and provide a back nine Sunday finish that will become part of Masters lore. 

Whoever wins, I just hope it delivers the kind of excitement on Sunday that leaves us gripping the arms of our chairs, holding our breath as the contenders stand over those slippery putts. No blow outs, some real back nine drama. I wish the Masters could be every week, but my nerves probably couldn't handle it. 

Come on, Thursday!