Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Are you suffering from paralysis by analysis? Have you tinkered with your swing to the point that you can't find anything that seems to work? If you have, you've got plenty of company, myself included. 

It's a funny game, this golf. You can get caught up thinking about how to hit it, instead of where to hit it, and the wheels can really come off. I was playing with a friend today who was "working on some things," and "things" were going somewhat haywire. I had caught up with him after nine, and had started the day doing the same thing. I had played the first three holes during which I'd used three or four different swings, none of which worked worth a hoot. 

I mentioned to him that when I get all caught up in mechanics, like I did today, I take a few practice swings with my eyes closed. When I do that, I feel "my swing" again and I can usually get back to just hitting the damned ball. He tried a couple of swings, stood up to the ball, and pured a drive two hundred and sixty yards right down the middle.

He looked at me, smiled, and said, "I hit that one with my eyes closed."

I'm not saying you should hit the ball with your eyes closed necessarily. It could be dangerous to yourself and others if you're not a pretty accomplished player, but, if you're finding yourself searching for your swing again, after having tinkered yourself into golfing purgatory, try a few practice swings with your eyes closed. You just might find your swing and your rhythm again. 

Another good thought is Harvey Penick's "clip the tee" teaching. If you swing the club as though you are wanting to clip the tee under the ball, you will square the club face. Harvey said he didn't know why it works, but it does. Neither idea comes with a guarantee, but if you find yourself not knowing which end is up because of paralysis by analysis, it just might help to close your eyes and clip the tee. 

If you are really struggling, you'll probably try just about anything, won't you?

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