Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rory Looking Good

I watched Rory's interview today at Chambers Bay. He looks, and sounds, really good. I especially liked his comment about missing his last two cuts.

Rory said he would rather have three wins and three missed cuts in his last six events than six top tens. He is that kind of player. He plays to win. He also knows that he will have weeks, sometimes several weeks, when he will play poorly. He can accept that fact. I think we will have to learn to accept that as well. Rory is not concerned, nor should we be.

He says he feels good. He is apparently driving it well. He feels his game is under control. And he feels his length with the driver and his ability to hit his irons long, high, and with spin, will give him an advantage over most of the field at Chambers Bay, as it does at most venues. I'm inclined to believe him.

I'm a big fan of Jordan Spieth. I'd love to see him win this week. But I'm still a Rory fan as well. If he's on his game, and the putter cooperates, I have to believe that Mr. McIlroy is the favourite this week. There are many guys who could win this week. But, in a pressure cooker like an Open, there are probably only a few who really have a legitimate chance. 

Chambers Bay is a very different venue than what we traditionally see for a U.S. Open. It will be interesting to watch and will hopefully identify the best player. However, it also sounds like a course where luck will also be a big factor. There are definitely going to be some bad bounces, and some bounces that may reward a less than stellar shot. I sense that many players fear that things could get a bit out of hand on this fiery track.

At the end of the day, as in every Major, the test will be as much mental as it will be physical. The man who wins will be the man who best controls his nerves as well as his golf ball, because it's going to be pretty scary out there by all accounts. Rory sounds mentally prepared and extremely confident. He's got a big challenge ahead of him, along with the opportunity to prove he can handle a hard and fiery links-like course like Chambers Bay. One thing for certain, if his interview is any indication, he seems to be looking forward to the challenge.