Sunday, 19 July 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey

It appears, watching the Open, that Grey is the new black on tour.  Orange has taken a back seat to a more muted approach to golf attire by the world's best players.

My father told me that, if I couldn't be good, I should at least be colourful, and I have religiously followed that advice.  My closet is full of trousers, sweaters, and shirts in a variety of shades of pink, purple, lime green and orange.  It looks like I'd better consider a change in view of what the real golfers seem to be wearing this week.

I must say it's nice to see grey trousers now in style, instead of the white ones that have been de rigueur of late.  I'm much too prosperous to wear white trousers, tending to look more like Monty than DJ these days.  Large-arsed men tend to look silly in white trousers.  Besides, white trousers would soon look like John Daly's loudmouth pants if I were to wear them, with my penchant for spilling coffee, catsup and mustard on anything I choose to wear.

Grey also tends to go well with just about anything.  Grey and beige doesn't really work, but my wife tells me beige just washes me out anyway,  So, not wanting to be "washed out," I never wear it.  I must say I still favour those nice pink sweaters, like the ones Louis and Matsuyama were wearing, and lime green trousers (did you see the nice ones Lahiri is wearing today?) that really get you noticed.  They can see me coming from miles away in my golfing duds.  Those bright colours are also handy if you tend to find yourself in the woods, especially during hunting season.

So, perhaps we golf lovers will have to follow suit and start wearing grey.  Any of the fifty shades will "do rightly," as my old Irish grandmother would say.  Orange is pass√©.  Even Rickie wears orange only sparingly these days.  Grey is definitely the new black.