Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Smiling Assassin

I played in a Golf Association of Ontario event at Briar Fox Golf Club this weekend.  I was playing number one for our club and was lucky enough to face Doug Green from Briar Fox, along with players from two other local clubs, Gananoque and Glen Lawrence.  I say I was lucky to play Doug, because he is a real gentleman with the sweetest swing.  I love playing with him because he has such wonderful rhythm and tempo.

When I arrived for the matches, our team captain greeted me by saying, "Bad luck.  You're playing Doug Green today."

I had to thank him for his vote of confidence.

Doug had played at our course for several years, and we had played together quite often.  While I had beaten him in stroke play events, I don't recall ever beating him at match play.  So perhaps our captain knew of our history.  I haven't been playing very well of late and was hardly brimming with confidence at the prospect of playing Doug on his home course.  But I was looking forward to a fun day.  In fact, I'd actually been hoping to get to play with Doug.  I miss playing with him.

True to form, I started poorly and found myself four down to Doug after nine. Doug had played his usual steady golf and had thrown in a couple of birdies for good measure.  He had a couple of shaky holes at the turn, but quickly recovered and beat me four and three.  I won my match with Rod from Glen Lawrence, and birdied the last hole to tie Bruce, from Gananoque, in a real see-saw battle that we both enjoyed.

As it turned out, my loss to Doug was the deciding match, as Picton and Briar Fox were tied and awaiting the result of our match.  So, I was the mug, and Dougie Green the hero.  As we sat afterwards, one of the Briar Fox guys was laughing as I told him about how much I'd enjoyed being drubbed by Doug.  I said, "He's such a great guy, I can't get upset about losing to him."

He said, "Yeah, he's a great guy.  We call him the smiling assassin."

That's what he is; the smiling assassin.  I couldn't have been beaten by a nicer guy.  Well done, Dougie.  I hope to play you again real soon.