Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Don't Be Worried

Some golfers, and especially new golfers, tend to be worried about playing with strangers, or golfers that play better than they do. Most golfers actually have an inferiority complex when it comes to their game. Sure there's the odd fellow who thinks he is better than he really is; but most golfers are worried about embarrassing themselves when they tee it up.

The fact is that there is no requirement to be a really good player in order to be an acceptable companion on the golf course. Bobby Jones, who regularly teed it up with average players when he wasn't trying to win championships, wrote about this subject in his book Golf is my Game. He wrote:

    "It is by no means necessary to play well to be an entirely acceptable golfing companion, but you must try. You must be able to keep the ball in play. You must not dilly-dally around. You must be ready to play your shot when your turn comes, and you must be aware of and respectful of the rights of others in your game.
     If you can fit this bill, you need have no hesitancy about playing in any company. Indeed, the better players will be delighted to help and encourage you in the game. They like golf, and they will want you to like it, too. The better your partner, the more tolerant he is likely to be."

So, don't be worried about teeing it up with better players or strangers. You don't need to play well. You just need to keep up and do your best to be an amiable and respectful companion. No golfer worth his salt looks down his nose at new players, or players less competent than himself. If you run into someone who does, avoid him. He's the one with the problem.