Thursday, 16 February 2017

Still Bullish on Spieth

I have been cheesed off with Jordan Spieth since he decided at the last minute to skip the Olympics. I was really bullish on him prior to that, saying that, for my money, he was the best golfer on the planet and was going to become one of golf's great players. I still feel that way.

His win last week puts him already in some very elite company when it comes to the age at which he managed to secure nine PGA tour wins; namely Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. And the age at which you win Majors is probably the best predictor of future greatness. So, it's a fairly easy call to say this kid will likely some day be mentioned in the same breath with Hogan, Nelson, Trevino; and, yes, Tiger and Jack. He's that good.

People will say: "This kid is no Tiger Woods." But credit where credit is due; this kid is the real deal. I expect him to be right there challenging for another green jacket, as he does seemingly every week. I don't think there is anyone in the game right now who competes harder or manages to score better with the game they have to work with. 

I'm still bullish on this boy from Texas. They produce some tremendous players in Texas. Is there something in the water?