Friday, 4 August 2017

Thin to Win

There's a saying, "Thin to win." I hit several thin iron approaches in our league night that looked and felt like they would be awful, but turned out nestling up reasonably close to the pin.

On four, I thinned another eight iron that landed short, skipped once and then skidded to a halt about fifteen feet left of the pin. It was not a goid strike, and I laughed and said, "Thin to win." 

George then said he'd never heard the saying. He looked at Chris, who was playing on the other team and asked, "Have you ever heard that one?"

Chris shook his head. Now, George likes to kid around, so I reckon he could have just been being facetious. But Chris looked serious as a judge when denying that he had heard the expression, thin to win. Either way, there's a lot of truth in the saying. Many thin shots turn out to be okay. Fat shots inevitably leave you deflated as they pull up woefully short of the target.

So, if you're going to miss your shots, try to miss them on the thin side. At the risk of sounding sexist or chauvanistic, I must confess that I like to see a woman with some meat on her bones. I'm not a fan of people starving themselves trying to be thin. But, when it comes to golf, thin is in. Fat is definitely not where it's at. 

Steve's ballstriking has really improved, as has mine, by trying to "clip the tee" when striking the ball. I had previously been inclined to take divots you could use to bury small mammals in. But trying to clip the imaginary tee under the ball, or as Harry Vardon said, "knocking the legs out from under it," produces a nice trajectory and very few of those nasty fat shots, if an occasional thin one.

Thin to win, folks. Thin to win. 

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