Sunday, 14 December 2014


I wrote a blog, at least I think you call it a blog, entitled Push and Pull. I suggested people plagued by unhelpful mental chatter during their swing could try repeating a mantra as they swing. It's quite helpful in terms of keeping those demons at bay; those pesky thoughts that often begin with the word "don't."

My buddy, Brian, claimed the only three word mantra he could think of was "adios motherf$&&er." I first learned this particular "mantra" from the Colonel. He had flared one out of bounds off number six tee at Picton and calmly stated, "That's an AMF."

When I asked for some clarification, he said, "You know, AMF: adios motherf$&@er."

Well Brian, you could try "adios motherf$&@er," 
but perhaps just "AMF" would do the trick. It's less of a mouthful and less likely to offend anyone's sensibilities if you happen to say it out loud. When I think about it, AMF could work quite nicely. I can use it in memory of the Colonel. 

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