Thursday, 4 December 2014

Don't Worry Jack: Tiger is Still Working on his Swing

Tiger's back for another run at Jack Nicklaus' record of eighteen major championships. While I may not be a fan of Tiger as a person, you have to be in awe of what he brought to the game in 1997. He clearly arrived on tour with a game with which no one else was familiar. He did things with the golf ball that left you speechless.

Fortunately for the rest of the tour players, somewhere along the line Tiger stopped playing golf and began playing "golf swing." Instead of being totally focussed on where he wanted to hit it, Tiger got bogged down in how he wanted to hit it. He stopped playing golf the way only he was capable.

When he ended his relationship with Sean Foley, I thought perhaps he was finally through with the mechanical approach and was ready to just start playing golf. But, good news Jack Nicklaus and your legion of fans and well wishers, Tiger has hired a new teacher. He's still working on his swing. That being the case, Jack, your record is safe.