Friday, 9 October 2015

Sang Moon Bae Shines

After, somewhat surprisingly, being sat out on the first day, Sang Moon Bae produced some fine golf alongside Danny Lee on day two.

Rolling in a fifteen footer on eighteen to secure the win against the formidable team of Fowler and Jimmy Walker, Bae gave the Koreans something to cheer about, coming through in the clutch as his partner struggled on the greens.  Suddenly, with the heroics of Bae and the continued great play from the team of King Louis and Branden Grace, the Internationals look to make a real contest of the Presidents Cup.  

So far, Jack's course has not provided a birdie fest.  The players have struggled to read the greens and  there have been more balls than you would ever imagine finding the water.  Bubba and JB have been playing great and enjoying one another's company.  A happy Bubba is a dangerous Bubba, and I see the team is sticking together for the morning matches on Day three.

I am surprised to see the Adam Scott-Leishman pairing by Captain Price.  Neither have looked particularly comfortable out there so far.  I would preferred to see Lahiri out there again.  I'm also not thrilled by the Haas- Kuchar pairing, as both players have lots of talent but don't strike me as having a great deal of fire in their bellies.  Perhaps, in both cases, the captains will prove me wrong.  They obviously know much more than I do about who's ready, and who plays best with whom.  

I expect to see another closely contested session.  I see Bubba and JB winning their match against Scott and Leishman.  I also  fancy Bae and Matsuyama over Kuchar and Haas.  The first match between Fowler and Reed and Oosthuizen and Grace could be a real dandy, and the final match, with Spieth and DJ facing Day and Schwartzel, should also be a nail-biter.  

It's a damn shame that the silly rules violation impacted the matches, but I hope that it doesn't end up being the deciding point.  If so, it will have been a very poor show by the officials and those who made the rule to begin with.  In match play, loss of a hole for an infraction should be as bad as it gets.  This double jeopardy business is a crock.  Phil should have known better than to pull another ball and put it in play without checking first, but he called it on himself and the punishment didn't fit the crime.

Let's hope the story ends up being about the golf, and not the rules.  I want to hear the crowd shouting Sangmoon Bae, Sangmoon Bae!  I also want to see the best team win it fair and square.  It's been an interesting show so far.