Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Old Guys, the Afrikaners, and the Korean

I searched in vain to find a channel covering the matches yesterday.  Golfchannel said it was covering the matches, but didn't.  TSN didn't cover them.  I was not a happy Eastlink customer.  

A review of the results show that I really missed some good stuff.  The elder statesmen, Mickelson and Johnson have stood tall, earning two and a half of three possible points; earning a half only because of a rather silly rule violation and subsequent penalty.  I guess Phil has more than proven his worth as a team member, despite my initial doubts.  Zach Johnson, as always, has been a big-time player, who is tough as nails.

King Louis and Branden Grace are the team of the matches, sporting a perfect record.  Nick Price looks like a genius keeping the two South Africans together.  Any worries about Oosthuizen's fitness have been dispelled, and Branden Grace has now arrived.  He will surely become a fixture on the world stage after this season, and these matches.

Sangmoon Bae has an unbeaten record as well, proving the old "horses for courses" saying to be true.  Having won twice on Jack's course prior to the matches, he has now proven to be a player who can rise to the occasion on one of the biggest stages.

The Americans still look to be awfully strong for the singles matches.  The Internationals have a big mountain to climb, but must surely be energized and confident, having so bravely fought their way back into the matches.

I love the fact that Sangmoon Bae plays the final singles match.  It may not mean a thing unless his team produces some magic early.  But, at the beginning of the week I had hoped that he would be a big factor for the sake of the Korean fans, and the game.  He has certainly done his bit.  Now, he has the opportunity to really make a name for himself with his Korean fans and the golfing world.  It's funny how an event like this can change a player's career.  

I hope for two things.  First, I hope I can find some TV coverage to watch the damned matches.  Then, I hope it ends in a nail-biter.  So far, the Presidents Cup has delivered for the Korean fans.  As for me, I'm not very happy to have missed so much of the action, but hope springs eternal that someone will cover it for me.

Sangmoon Bae, Sangmoon Bae!