Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Gary McCord in the News

I read where Gary McCord had created a bit of a stir after viewers believed he had made the statement, "raped by the wind."  CBS apparently reviewed the tape and determined that he had, in fact, said, "raked by the wind."  

I was interested to read this article because as I had sat watching the telecast yesterday, I was constantly annoyed listening to McCord's seemingly endless attempts to be clever and witty, instead of saying anything really meaningful about the golf.  In fact, in desperation I had turned off the sound rather than be further irritated by his incessant chatter.

Obviously, Gary must have his supporters, but I'm afraid to say he is an unwelcome guest in my living room when I'm watching golf.  I think the Masters people made a wise, and welcome, move when they banned him from all further broadcasts over his inane " bikini wax" comment.  Gary doesn't seem to have learned the wisdom of the saying, "the less said, the better," or, "if you don't have anything intelligent or meaningful to say, don't say anything."

As I say, Mr. McCord must have his fans.  But, as for me, I'm with the Masters folk on this one.