Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Plane Spotting

Well, I guess it's that time again.  The old, Tiger Woods, will he or won't he, story.  Someone tweets that he's half-crippled, and can't even sit.  Tim Rosaforte and Notah Begay say he's making progress--whatever that means.  And, as usual, Tiger prefers to keep us guessing--if we're inclined to guess.

Tiger comes off his worse season ever.  During that season he came up with several interesting reasons for his poor play; the most notable being his glutes that just refused to fire.  However, during that entire season, he assured us he was fit.  He never once suggested that his back was troubling him.  

Then he undergoes surgery and we are left to wonder just what the truth really is.  The truth is; Tiger either doesn't want to tell us the truth, or he perhaps just wants to keep us guessing--and keep himself in the news in the process.  One thing for certain, openness and honesty is clearly not Tiger's strong suit.

Tiger was a great player.  Maybe he was the best we've ever seen.  But he hasn't won a Major in eight years.  Whether he can win another Major, or maybe another five or six, is anybody's guess.  But either way, he's had a great career.  However, in view of what we've witnessed in the last year or two from Spieth, McIlroy, Day, Bubba, and Fowler, is Tiger really relevant to the the discussion right now?

I can just see it now--Tiger's plane was spotted in Augusta.  Is he going to play the Masters?  I just can't stand the suspense!  Or can I?