Sunday, 25 September 2016

George Knudsen

While the perfect, repeating golf swing seems to be more of a myth than a reality, two Canadians came very close. One was Moe Norman whose ball-striking feats are legendary.  The other was George Knudsen, a contemporary of Moe.   

Jack Nicklaus called Knudsen "the man with the million dollar swing."  And, while Moe was considered by many to be the greatest ball-striker ever, his quirky personality, which may or may not have been the result of autism, made his excursion onto the PGA tour a very brief one.  Knudsen, on the other hand fared better on tour, though never winning a Major championship.

How good was Knudsen's swing?  He once shot 67 at Glen Abbey where numerous Canadian Opens have been played.  That might not sound all that remarkable.  But he shot the 67 playing with his eyes closed.  So George Knudsen should always be in the conversation when it comes to the greatest ball-strikers of all time.  He also wrote the book, The Natural Golf Swing, which is an interesting read and teaches the "repeating swing."

One thing worth remembering is that Moe Norman and George Knudsen never won a Major.  There is a message in that.  The message is that golf is about more than just great ball-striking.  The game, at the highest level is played on that five and a half inches between your ears.

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