Wednesday, 14 September 2016

No Respect for Bubba

Bubba Watson is a unique character.  He has two green jackets, is currently ranked seventh in the world rankings, and, it seems, can't get no respect.  He clearly has some personal issues.  He often looks uncomfortable and irritated when he's playing.  But playing his own brand of Bubba golf, he is almost certainly headed for the Hall of Fame.

Bubba is not popular with many of his peers and some fans.  His tempermental behaviour has not endeared him to many.  But the fact is that at his best he's in a league of his own, able to conjure up and hit shots even Phil the Thrill couldn't imagine trying.  He's a bona fide star.  And he has yet to be selected to play on the Ryder Cup team.

Bubba may not have done much recently, but it seems to me he has had an okay year with a win and three top tens.  Yet somehow Bubba has been overlooked by Davis Love in favour of Rickie Fowler, JB Holmes and Matt Kuchar as Captain's picks. Okay, I can see Rickie getting the nod.  JB maybe deserves another shot as well given his recent solid play and the fact that he is the only one of the picks with a winning Ryder Cup record.  But Matt Kuchar over Bubba?  You must be joking.

The issue for Davis Love is apparently "team chemistry."  He wants all the boys to get along and have fun.  That's all well and good.  And no doubt Kuchar is a fun guy.  He's reputed to be the best table tennis player of the bunch.  But no way he's as good a golfer as Bubba Watson.  

If Love doesn't pick Bubba, after picking Matt Kuchar, it will be a sure sign that what matters on the US team is personality, not prowess on the golf course.  If he doesn't get a spot on the team, I think Bubba has a perfect right to feel slighted.  Yes, he perhaps should have made it on points, but as a Captain don't you still want the best players?  

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