Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Let the Right Hand and Arm "Go Along For the Ride"

In his book Play Better Golf, Jack Nicklaus offers some excellent advice for those just learning the game, and those who find themselves struggling with their ballstriking. While golf is a two-handed game, all the old teachers considered the golf swing to be controlled by the left side for a right-handed player. Bobby Jones considered the golf swing a back-handed strike with the left hand for a right-handed player.

The fact is that the early or improper application of the right hand and side probably ruins more golf shots than anything else. Consider what the greatest Major champion of them all had to say on the subject:

    "Golf is a two-handed game. But until a golfer's muscles are fully trained there's a great danger his stronger hand and arm will overpower his weaker side. The way to overcome this is to establish a sensation of 'softness' in the trailing hand and arm at address. Then consciously try to keep them passive throughout the swing. Let them just 'go along for the ride' most of the time and they'll automatically do their job in the hitting area in response to centrifugal force."

So, don't believe me, believe Jack Nicklaus and try to relax that right hand and arm during the swing. It may just help you lose that slice, or that pull hook, that keeps rearing its ugly head.