Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Two Hours and Fifteen Minutes

I played at Glen Lakes with Gary yesterday. He's from Ohio, but spends his winters in Foley, Alabama. We both enjoyed the golf course but struggled on the greens most of the day. Whether it was grain on those Bermuda greens that was confusing us Northerners, or just lack of concentration, we couldn't seem to buy a putt.

This was Gary's first time playing Glen Lakes. He had an amusing story about playing at a new course with one of his buddies. At the the first tee, trying to break the ice, his buddy asked the stern-faced starter what the course record was.

The starter growled, "Two hours and fifteen minutes. So, move your asses."

Gary, CJ and I played in about three hours today in spite of a couple teeing off in front of us on the back nine as we made the turn. Our golf may not have been anything to write home about, but that starter would have been impressed.