Saturday, 25 March 2017

Bacon Park Golf Course in Savannah

If you are planning a trip to Savannah and are taking your clubs, don't miss a chance to play Bacon Park Golf Course. It's a Donald Ross design; a muni that for some years has been struggling, but is now making a comeback.

It's a wonderful course, with those devilish Ross greens that can drive you to drink. Built before golf courses were designed as much to sell real estate as to challenge golfers, this course is walkable--no route marches between holes here. While the fairways are not pristine, the greens are great. There are plenty of mature trees, including my favourites, live oaks.

I have a book on Donald Ross courses, entitled Golf As It Was Meant to be Played. Donald Ross was a great designer of courses that are very playable for the average player, while being challenging to the expert. Bacon Park is no exception. And what's even better is that it is very affordable to play as well. 

So, if you're visiting Savannah; or you hail from the area and haven't played Bacon Park, give it a try. But if you want to score, you had better bring your short game; especially your putter. Bacon Park is a course I could play every day. And there was a nice little house just across the street for sale. Who knows; maybe my ship will come in and I'll someday find myself there.