Friday, 24 March 2017

Spieth Over DJ

I just watched an interview with Jordan Spieth during which he summed up the fact that in his next match he wanted to "make committed swings to the right targets." This comment is an indication of just why this kid is so good.

What a great way to summarize how golf is played. It isn't about hitting the ball the farthest--Spieth can't--or making the prettiest swings--Spieth doesn't--golf is as much about how well you think as it is about how well you hit the ball. And Jordan Spieth has a very high golf IQ. Without it he would never have so quickly learned to play Augusta National, for example. 

Looking at Dustin Johnson's interview as well today, he concluded by saying that all he had to do was to continue to drive and putt it well as he has been doing and he knew he will be tough to beat. DJ is clearly the man out there right now. He's absolutely brimming with confidence--and why wouldn't he be? So, golf IQ is important, as is confidence. But to be the best you must do one thing really well. That, of course, is putting.

What has kept the uber-talented and powerful Johnson from being the best, as he clearly now is, was relatively average, if not poor, putting. The fact that he has not only improved his wedge game, but now rolls his rock with a high degree of confidence and skill makes him, as he said, "Tough to beat."

Spieth, on the other hand, has not been quite as good on the greens as he was in his phenomenal Major-winning season. Unless he finds that magic on the greens again, despite his terrific golf mind, he can forget about out-duelling DJ. But there is a reason why I'm talking about these two.

I pick DJ or Spieth to win the Masters this year. Obviously, I'm not really going out on a limb here. DJ is clearly the top gun right now, and Spieth's record at Augusta is nothing short of amazing at a place where more than a few champions have more than one green jacket.

So, who wins between Spieth and DJ at the Masters? I say, Spieth. Why? Horses for courses--horses for courses, baby!