Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Pierre the Lumberjack

The saying is that a good reputation is worth much more than gold. It's true. I say this, not from atop a high horse, because the verdict is still out for me in terms of how I will be remembered. I have made my share of dumb mistakes in life. 

I just watched the video of Tiger Woods being arrested. Although I've never been a fan of Tiger Woods, the person, that video made me sad. It made me wonder just how it will end for Tiger; arguably the greatest golfer we've ever seen.

Perhaps we should be grateful that Tiger didn't kill himself, or someone else; out on the road in such a state. Actually, do we know that Tiger didn't kill anyone else? The damage to his vehicle certainly raises some serious questions and concerns. But we'll assume that there are no bodies lying in any ditches near Jupiter, Florida, that we don't know about.

Tiger's greatness as a golfer has never been in doubt. His greatness as a human being is still very much up for debate. He has made some big mistakes. And, sainthood is an unlikely eventuality for Tiger at this point in time. But you almost have to pity the man. He was born to play golf. His future as a world-class golfer is doubtful at best. So, what does he do now? Does he sink into depression, drug addiction, and self pity? Or can he find life after competitive golf? 

As I ask those questions, I wonder where his friends and family are. Where was his agent? Who let him get behind the wheel in that state? Ultimately, the decision was his. But his judgement was obviously impaired by prescription drugs, if not alcohol as well. Hell, he didn't know whether he was punched or bored when the cops found him. It was a pitiful sight.

Judgement has always been Tiger's problem--at least off the golf course. This golfing genius, when left to his own devices off the course, certainly hasn't been very astute in matters of how to live successfully. In fact, he's been incredibly dumb. I was reminded of an old and rather vulgar joke about Pierre the lumberjack that might just apply.

"Twenty years I cut down trees," Pierre the lumberjack complained, "And no one ever called me a lumberjack. Suck one c--k, and now I'm Pierre the c--ksucker!" 

I hope you'll forgive the vulgarity for the sake of the wisdom found in the joke. It will be awfully sad if Tiger ends up being remembered as Tiger the impaired driver. It's ultimately up to him how he will be remembered. He may not win another Major, but he's still in a position to be able to do so much good in this life. He is, after all, still on the right side of the grass.

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