Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Memorial Begins Today But...

Until 2016, I faithfully recorded and watched golf being played around the world. If I wasn't playing golf, I was watching it, or writing about it. No wonder my wife considered starting her own blog called "The Golf Widow."

But in 2016 everything changed. Suddenly, I was wrapped up in the craziest damned reality TV show I've ever seen. Actually, I don't watch reality TV shows--not even that one on the Golfchannel. But who could resist watching the "Donald Runs for President" show? I mean; you couldn't make that shit up.

Then the Donald won. Like just about every other reasonably sane person in the world, I swore off U.S. news and tried to return to the Golfchannel. But the latest show, "Donald Goes to Washington," was even crazier. I've had to keep watching. What will the Donald tweet today? What social program will he try to cut in favour of tax breaks for his rich cronies, or bricks for "the Wall," or more bombs for the biggest military ever assembled. The same military that can't keep track of where it's aircraft carriers are going. You really can't make this shit up, because nobody would believe it if you did.

Sometimes, like this morning, I think about recording Jack's tournament. But then I open Facebook and, damn it, Donald hasn't decided about the Paris Accord yet. And the head Tesla guy is threatening the Donald by tweet. And...

When it becomes more than I can take, I switch off the "Fake News," like CNN and MSNBC, and tune into Fox. Then I immediately begin to feel better. Because, apparently everything is going swimmingly with the Donald after all. Forget all that Russian conspiracy theory stuff. It was that Obama that caused all the trouble. The Donald was left with such a mess. And that Obama was even tapping Donald's wires. No wonder he had to fire that "showboat" Comey. The guy couldn't be trusted.

The Memorial starts today. But, who gives a rat's ass? There are way bigger fish to fry. Oh, did you hear that my golfing hero, Jack Nicklaus, attended the Donald's HUUGE inaugaration? I don't know what to think about that.

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