Friday, 8 September 2017

Finding What Works

I keep writing about the golf swing. And there are many fine theories about how best to swing the club.  But, ultimately, the best way for all of us to swing the club is the way we swing it best. It's a search we all have to make. And the interesting thing is that the swing that worked like a charm yesterday sometimes doesn't work worth a hill of beans today.

For those of us who have neither the time, the energy, nor possibly the inclination to hit hundreds, if not thousands, of practice balls, we are going to struggle with grooving any sort of swing. In the end, we need to focus instead on getting a solid, consistent strike. The strike is really all that matters in the end anyway. That golf ball couldn't care less about how our swing looks. It only reacts to how it is struck.

I have been playing along happily for sometime now focussing on hitting the ball with my left hand. Today, it didn't work worth a damn. Perhaps I was exaggerating the left arm swing at the expense of my right side. I spent the last few holes focussing on swinging the clubhead and getting some punch with my right hand. My shots improved significantly. Who knows what will happen next time out.

Golf, as a wise person once said, is about finding what works, losing it, and then finding it again. That's just how this crazy game is. 

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