Sunday, 24 September 2017

Slightly Confused

Well, it appears the usual suspects are not going to factor in the Tour Championship. It's setting up to be a battle between a couple of guys who are certainly due for a win, in Paul Casey and Kevin Kisner. There's seemingly only one of the top guys in with a chance to win in Justin Thomas at five back.

As far as figuring out who, then, will win the FedEx Cup and the small matter of ten mil, it's still a bit of a mystery to me. I know that Casey, should he win the championship, is likely to collect the Cup and the cash as well. I'm not sure about Kisner. Where Thomas or Spieth need to finish in order to win it, I don't know. Certainly, it looks like JT is the most likely to find a way to secure the big bucks even if he fails to win the championship, but I remain slightly confused; kind of the story of my life.

I guess the good thing about the way things are shaping up is that we very much don't know who'll be the next FedEx cup champion, any more than we know who's going to win the Tour Championship. After several early years, where it was almost a foregone conclusion, this is definitely the way it should be, opening the door for some real drama this afternoon.

In the end, I'd be delighted to see either Casey or Kisner win. They've certainly been knocking on the door, and they are as deserving as anyone. I just wonder at the poor play of Spieth. He's looked absolutely terrible in spots; spraying it all over and missing makeable putts. He's definitely not been the Jordan Spieth I've come to know and admire. I suppose a 62 or 63 today might put him back in the picture. But, if someone else prevails, it's been one helluva season for those two boyhood friends, Spieth and Thomas.

One thing for certain, I'll be tuning in to see what happens, even if I'm too confused to think about placing a bet.