Sunday, 15 May 2016

Day Da Man

I must admit I was hoping for the emergence of a big three, or four, to make golf exciting again.  Instead, we seem to be seeing the emergence of a genuine superstar, who, if on his game, is pretty much unbeatable.  One didn't even have to watch today, knowing that there was a better chance of getting hit with a piece of Sky Lab than seeing Jason Day lose the Players Championship.

Day is simply the best right now.  He has it all--power, putting, iron game, short game... And he's now brimming with confidence.  I knew it was over late yesterday when Day chipped in to save par--was it on sixteen?-- and celebrated.  At that moment he knew, and I knew, it was in the bag.  I think the rest of the field knew it as well.

Though I really like him, Jordan Spieth looked worse than ordinary on his first appearance since the Masters.  He just seems to be all over the place mentally.  At his best, he's showed he can run away and hide, but he lacks the arsenal that Day has.  Spieth's strength has always been his putting, his scrambling, and his mental game.  It all seemed conspicuous by its absence at the Players.

As for Rory, he just doesn't have it together mentally at all.  He's up and down like a toilet seat.  What was it, five three putts on Saturday?  Rory wastes shots like a drunken sailor.  He is a phenomenal talent, but he'd better learn to grind it out if he wants to run with Day.

I really like Ricky Fowler.  He's shown that he can beat the best. But he's simply not in Day's league when Day is firing on all cylinders.  No one is.  I think the final part of the package was Day learning to hit the half shots, instesd of going at everything full tilt.  I just can't see any weakness in his game.  it's downright scary.  He's like Tiger Woods, but hitting fairways. If he stays healthy and motivated, I can see me not watching a lot of Sunday rounds--like back in the day, when Tiger had the lead Saturday night.

I hope Jordan, Rory, and Ricky can get it together.  But right now, Day is definitely the man.  

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