Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Why Harvey Penick Decided to Become a Teacher

In his Little Red Book, Harvey Penick explained why he decided to teach golf instead of heading out on tour.  He wrote:

   I thought I was a pretty fair player and had nagging aspirations to join the tour until a Houston Open in the middle 1930's.
   I was practising putting and one of the fellows said, "Harvey, have you seen this kid Snead hit the ball? He's about to tee off now."
   I walked over to the tee and saw the new kid from West Virginia hit his drive.  I not only saw it, I heard it.  
    It sounded like a rifle and flew like a bullet. 
    I knew right that moment that my future was not as a tour player."

So, I guess we have the Slammer to thank for giving us one of golf's great teachers.  Sam used to come up to our neck of the woods to fish and still holds the course record at Napanee Golf Club.  According to Johnny Miller, no one has ever hit a golf ball any better than Samuel Jackson Snead.