Sunday, 15 May 2016

Loft is Our Friend

For those of us who are not swinging the driver 105 miles an hour or more, loft is definitely our friend.  Most of us are victims of LOFT--and I'm not talking about Lack of Freaking Talent.  We don't use enough of it.

Most high handicappers would fare much better hitting three wood off the tee instead of driver.  If they feel they must hit a driver, they should have at least 12 degrees of loft and should either grip down on it, or shorten the shaft to 43 inches.  That's if their score is what matters to them.  I have several friends who actually hit their three or five woods farther than their driver, but can't bring themselves to leave the driver in the trunk of the car.

Lofted woods, or hybrids, are essential to success for us old-timers, or weaker players.  I actually carry nothing more than a six iron these days.  I have a 28 degree wood that replaces my five iron.  I was playing with Billy Gallagher on the fourth hole one day at Picton from the blue tees.  It was a shot of about 160 yards and I used the 28 degree fairway wood.  

Billy asked me what I had hit, and I suggested he try it.  He stepped up and made a hole in one with it on the first swing.  Loft is where it's at.

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