Sunday, 1 January 2017

Four Final Thoughts by John Jacobs: Part Two

Virtually every golfer wishes he could hit the ball further. Golfers are captivated by distance. However, consider what the respected teacher, John Jacobs, had to say about the subject in his final thoughts. He wrote:

    "The second thought I would like to leave you with concerns your own physical limitations. It is not easy to assess realistically and then candidly accept one's inadequacies, but doing so is a particularly essential operation for the golfer, because the game he plays is not one of power, but power under control. Nine out of ten pupils who come to me want to hit the ball farther. Very often I can help them, by showing them how to hit it accurately and solidly with an easy swing, instead of approximately and glancingly with a difficult or furious one. But what I cannot do--nor any other teacher--is increase their natural clubhead speed. Everyone has a definite point, depending on natural muscularity, co-ordination and playing experience, where he can equare speed (or power) with control. He should find it then play within it if the score is more important than the exercise. This is a lesson that every successful golfer learned early and stuck to. You will never meet a top tournament pro who swings as hard as he could physically, other than in exceptional circumstances for an occasional recovery shot."

So I suppose the answer is to accept your limitations and groove an action that allows you to hit the ball solidly. Forget searching for extra distance. A man, after all, needs to know his limitations.