Friday, 27 January 2017

Pine Forest Golf Club

I played Pine Forest Golf Course near in Summerville, South Carolina with my buddy, Marvin. It's a good layout with fairways lined with pines, plenty of water and tricky greens in which they must have buried a lot of elephants. 

Unfortunately, it was cart-path-only due to some recent heavy rains, but we managed to thoroughly enjoy ourselves anyway. We were joined by Mike, a retired Navy diver who lives in the area. Marvin took advantage of his stroke a hole and won three and two. His game has really improved since the last time we played and we might just have to renegotiate the strokes if he keeps it up. 

That's one of the things I really appreciate about golf. You can have a close match with anyone provided the strokes are right. Marvin didn't think it was much of a victory, considering he received 18 strokes. But I had to remind him that, up until now, I had been regularly beating him despite the strokes. I also reminded him that no match is fun unless it is closely contended. Giving him those strokes forces me to play my best if I hope to win.

Kathryn walked with us and took some photographs.