Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Four Final Thoughts by John Jacobs: Part Four

In his final thought for golfers in his book Play Better Golf With John Jacobs, Mr. Jacobs provides some advice that every successful golfer needs to follow. He wrote:

    "Finally, I would ask you to do what sounds quite a simple thing but is, in fact, very difficult: to try your utmost on every shot. Golf can be the most frustrating and infuriating, as well as the most satisfying and elating, of games; but if it has one cliche that cannot be denied it is that the game is never over until the last putt has been holed.
     So, don't give up--ever. Think about what you are trying to do, which is make a good impact, which, to put it as simply as I can, is correct aim and stance followed by two turns, one to get your body out if the way while you aim the club, and one to get it out of the way while you swing the club through the ball. Think out the shots before you play them, then think of one key factor to help you to swing as you have planned.
     There's never been a greater game for triers."

This makes me think about what Bobby Jones had to say about winning the Grand Slam. He won all the Majors that year playing less than his best. He said he believed he won them because he tried harder, was willing to take more punishment than his opponents; and simply refused to give up. Golf is indeed a game for those who are "triers."