Monday, 3 April 2017

It's Going to Take Real Grit to Win the Masters This Year

So, it looks like weather is going to be a factor at Augusta this year. The conditions are going to make it extremely tough. 

That being the case, it means the eventual winner will be the guy who best deals with adversity. It also means that a good portion of the field will be beaten in the locker room. The eventual winner will have to be someone with an attitude like that of Bobby Jones.

After managing to win the Grand Slam, Bobby confessed that he was not in top form during any of the four Majors he won that year. He said he believed he achieved the Slam only because he tried harder and was willing to take more punishment than anyone else. For reasons unknown even to him, he simply refused to give up.

The champion at the Masters this year will need to take a page out of Bobby's book. He will have to be willing to endure the punishment that the extreme conditions will give him. He will have to play one shot at a time, understanding that everyone will have troubles of their own out there. And he will have to simply keep on fighting until the end; refusing the temptation to give in or give up.

I still like Spieth's chances. But I have a feeling that Rickie Fowler just might be finally ready to win a big one. He's proven to be a pretty good mudder. The fact is, it could be anyone who wins this year. But whoever does win will have to show some real grit.