Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sergio Sergio Sergio

Finally, Sergio has his green jacket. It was a wonderful battle between he and Justin Rose; two good friends and great ballstrikers. The two separated themselves from the field and had to go one extra hole before Sergio finally made the winning birdie putt on eighteen. 

It was a fitting win, falling on Seve's birthday. It was once more the kind of win that makes you believe in the golfing gods, or fate, or whatever you care to call it. It was simply Sergio's day. In his post-round interviews he spoke of the calmness he felt on the final day. He also spoke about acceptance; his ability to now accept the bad bounces along with the good, when in the past he might have cursed his bad luck.

Clearly, in the aftermath of his great victory,  it is quite clear that Sergio is much loved by golf fans on both sides of the pond--fans who recognize golfing brilliance and appreciate the sort of heartaches this game can give you. And also fans that respect a guy who never gives up. There will be mucho celebration after this win.

As a postscript, it didn't go unnoticed to me that some rules fanatics once again tried to insert themselves into this great championship by suggesting that Sergio's ball moved after his drop in the pine straw on thirteen. To them, I can only say, "Up yours!"

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