Friday, 14 July 2017

The One to Win

As my favourite week in golf approaches, it's nice to watch the boys at the Scottish Open as a preview of what we might expect next week at the Open. And what do we see? Paddy's back in form. Now Padraig Harrington knows a thing or two about winning Opens, even if he's been in golfing purgatory for some time.

And speaking of golfing purgatory, we also see Ian Poulter playing some good golf again. There's another possible story for next week. Imagine if Poulter could find some magic and break through to snag golf's biggest prize. I know he has his detractors, but I think Poults is a guy who has, if anything, over-achieved in this game. He's big on guts, as his Ryder Cup performances have shown. And he has believed in himself, probably when the odds were stacked against him and he was the only one believing. I admire the guy.

The Open has been a tournament where wiley veterans can definitely get it done. Look at Darren Clarke, or Zach Johnson, or Paddy for that matter. The Open is made for guys who can use their experience and their skills gained from playing all over the world under all kinds of conditions to outlast some of the young guns who may be more powerful, and might even have more talent, but aren't as experienced and patient.

I'd love to see Padraig back in the thick of it next week. And I'd be rooting like hell for Poulter if he was in the hunt as well. But somehow I'm thinking it might be Rickie Fowler's time. I know I keep thinking that and turn out to be wrong, but Rickie embraces links golf. He's also playing well this week. With a wee bit of luck, he just might finally get his Major next week. And what a Major to get--the Champion Golfer of the Year. Yessir, the Open is the one to win if you're having only one. Hell, it's the one to win if you're having a dozen!

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