Saturday, 29 July 2017

What Club Do You Usually Use?

We have an interesting fifth hole in Picton. It's about 345 yards long, straight up a hill that has been named "heart attack hill" for it's steepness. There is a mound, covered in fescue, directly in front of the men's tees that has been known to catch many a mishit tee shot. I've thinned the odd one into it myself.

Radar told me yesterday about an incident that occurred there between Scott, our Pro Shop manager, who was about a two handicapper at the time, and Mike Pero, who won either the Canadian, or Ontario Amateur championship--I forget which one right now--had played the Canadian Tour, and had a few starts on the PGA tour. Scott was playing with Mike and somehow managed to hit his tee shot into the dreaded mound in front of the tee on number five. There was a certain amount of embarrassed silence between them, as you can imagine. You want to play well when you're playing with someone like Mike Pero.

But Scott is not one to be too embarrassed. He found his ball buried in the thick fescue on the bank, looked over at Mike and calmly asked, "What club do you usually hit from here, Mike?"

That Scott is a real piece of work.

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