Sunday, 10 January 2016

Advice for Jordan Spieth

One of the strange things I've noticed is that when a new kid suddenly becomes the best player in the world, people suddenly come out of the woodwork to offer him advice.  It's really quite odd, when you think about it.

After all, if the kid has made it to number one, why should anyone think he needs more advice?  Obviously, he's already figured things out pretty well.  I see it now with Jordan Spieth.  Among other things, in last night's press conference, they asked him whether he'd sought the advice of Tiger Woods in order to figure out how to stay number one for a long time.  I liked his response.  He indicated that he had not sought out advice from Tiger, Phil, or any of the other players.  He figured that if he just keeps winning, number one will take care of itself.  It's hard to argue with that sort of logic.

Right now, at least, Jordan is sticking with the team that helped get him there.  I think that's just wonderful.  But, as an interested party, who hopes to continue to see great things from him, I can't resist offering some more unsolicited advice.  Actually, it's not advice, as much as a request.  

My advice/requests are as follows:

1.  Please don't listen to unsolicited advice; whether it's well-meaning or not.

2.  No matter how much they offer you, please don't sign with Nike.

3.  You've suggested you are working out in order to get stronger, and hopefully longer.  Please don't become a gym rat, or hurt yourself by over-training.  You're obviously plenty long enough.

4.  Please, just keep doing whatever it is you are doing.  Because, whatever it is, it sure as hell works!

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