Thursday, 7 January 2016

And So It Begins

Finally; the new season really begins.  With the whole wrap-around season thing, I guess it really isn't the start of anything, other than the boys getting back at it after some rest and relaxation over the holidays.  Actually, for me, the new season will really begin at Augusta in April with my favourite tournament--at least my favourite when the Open isn't at St Andrews-- begins and the snow has hopefully melted from my door.

The Masters really signals the start of a new year for us Canadian boys, especially if, like this year for me, we haven't managed to go South for the winter.  But, until then, we will be treated to some great golf.  This week's tournament at Kapalua promises to be a good one, as it generally is, because the course is terrific, and the field is composed of winners; many of whom want nothing more than to start their year off by making a statement with a win.

Garnering most of the attention, leading up to the first tee shot today, have been Spieth, McIlroy, Day, and Fowler.  They are the young guns who move the needle these days.  And they've certainly demonstrated, beyond any doubt, that they are worthy of the attention.  If it's true that golf has never been more competitive, and the fields have never been stronger--and I think it's safe to say that it is--these young men have stepped up and delivered in a big way.

The question now will be: will it continue?  I think the answer is an emphatic yes.  In golf, nothing succeeds like success.  Therefore, as long as they remain hungry--and don't make too many changes, swing, or otherwise--I think it is safe to say that the big 3--or will it be 4?--will get most of the ink, and much of the hardware.

But there are some other guys to watch.  There are some new kids who look like they are more than willing and able to step up if the Fab Three/Four get complacent.  I don't know about all of them, but I don't see complacency as being an issue for my man Spieth.  I also think Rickie is going to be a man on a mission; and if Jason Day is now ready, and has a new set of goals, after achieving his Major win and number one in the world--at least for a week or two--we are in for another cracking good year.

And all this without mentioning Tiger.  Whoops; I just couldn't resist, in deference to all those folk out there who still think golf is boring without the big cat. I have suggested that Tiger will tee it up at Augusta.  After all, why the heck wouldn't he?