Monday, 11 January 2016

What? No Detractors?

Jordan Spieth claimed another title in grand style yesterday.  It was really never in doubt.  In that respect, it was not as exciting as it might have been had he been seriously challenged.  

Jordan blew away the field by eight shots.  This was a quality field.  The only two top players that were missing were McIlroy and Stenson.  Okay Phil and Tiger weren't there, but they have not really been in the conversation since Spieth has hit his stride.

This kid is just such a breath of fresh air.  People are running out of superlatives to describe, not only his play, but his demeanour on and off the course.  He hasn't set a foot wrong in an age where all eyes are on you and critics abound.  No one is perfect.  But this kid is certainly very special.

There was a picture posted on Facebook with Jordan and his parents; his sister Ellie snuggled under Jordan's one arm holding the trophy, and a lovely young lady under his other arm, presumably Jordan's sweetheart.  I decided to troll through the comments looking for at least one negative remark.  I couldn't find even one in this cynical age.  It almost makes me want to break out in song.  It almost makes me want to sing God Bless America and I'm not even an American!

This kid just can't be this great, can he?  I certainly hope so.  How can you not just love this kid?