Saturday, 2 April 2016

Palatka Golf Club

Palatka Golf Club probably doesn't rank very far up there in terms of Donald Ross courses.  However, it's a place I love to play.  

It's biggest claim to fame--other than being designed by Donald Ross--is that Babe Ruth apparently walked its fairways.  What I love about the place is its unpretentiousness.  It's a muni.  Nothing fancy; just good golf at a good price.  

From the blues it plays a little over 5800 yards with a par of 70.  I know it sounds like a piece of cake; but don't let the yardage fool you.  Those dastardly upturned-saucer greens and Ross touches make it a challenging walk in the park.  And it is an easy walk, designed in 1925 when golf was pretty much strictly a walking game.  No route marches between tees; no houses lining the fairways; just golf as it was meant to be played--which incidentally is the title of a book about Donald Ross courses.

I played pretty darn well for me and shot 75.  I'd have to have my chipping and putting razor sharp to do much better on this little gem.  I'm actually thinking of renting a place in Palatka next winter so I can haunt the place.  It sits on Moseley Avenue, which is my paternal grandmother's family name.  It must be fate.

If you are down in the Jacksonville/St Augustine area and like old school golf, give Palatka a try.