Sunday, 10 April 2016

Win or Lose Spieth is the Best Player in the Game

Every Masters Sunday I can't wait for the leaders to tee off.  This week is no exception.  I have been watching golf channel and see Jordan Spieth was on the grounds early, having flown in his teacher to have a look.  I don't really know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

There are so many story lines this year, with Langer having a chance to be come the oldest Major winner ever, Rory having an outside chance to get the career Slam, Smylie Kaufman having the chance to be only the third man to win on his first attempt at the Masters, and Spieth having the chance to break who knows how many more records.  

The story really still belongs to Jordan Spieth.  What he is doing is beyond remarkable.  What he has done in his first three Masters is unprecedented.  Win or lose today, Jordan Spieth has surely removed all doubt, if indeed there still was any, that he is a great player; one of the greatest we have ever seen.

How he has carried the weight of the lead like he has is almost unimaginable.  It speaks to the determination and resolve of this remarkable young man.  That he has done it while struggling with his ball striking makes it all the more incredible.  

Jordan Spieth is still in uncharted territory.  He has gone where no twenty two year old has gone before.  Win or lose, he may be currently ranked number two in the world, but, in my mind, he's simply the best.