Sunday, 24 April 2016

The "Anyway Shot"

There are some days when the game is almost easy.  Not very often, but sometimes.  I played Roundel Glen the other day with Spiros.  I had his number the last time out, so we agreed that I'd give him five a side.  

It was one of those days for me--and it was one of those days for Spiros.  I won the first four holes and said to Spiros, "You're digging a big hole for yourself, buddy."

He agreed and said, "Two more and you can bury me."

Sure enough, I won the next two as well and we were looking to find a priest.  I then hit my first poor shot of the day.  It was a little forty yard pitch.  I stood over it and I couldn't picture a shot.  I didn't know whether to take it in low with a little spin, or pitch it high and soft.  Even though I wasn't really ready, I hit it anyway--a dreaded "anyway shot."  I thinned it across the green into a hole and promptly made a double.  Spiros was back to five down and felt energized.

Unfortunately for Spiros, I recovered, won three of the next four and he was finished 8 and 7.  It was just one of those days where the ball just seemed to go where I was looking.  All day, I hit only three bad shots.  Every one of them was an "anyway shot,"  where I wasn't feeling confident with the shot or the club.  Three bad shots for me is pretty good, but it was enough for me to lose three shots to Old Man Par.  That's the thing about Old Man Par-- he doesn't play until he's ready.  He never hits "anyway shots."  He just hits fairways and greens.  And he generally manages to beat me.  He's solid as a rock.

So, I'm doing well so far this year not tinkering with my swing.  My next goal is to eliminate those anyway shots. If I can, I might just start looking like a golfer.  As for Spiros--he's getting six a side today.  Hopefully it will come down to the last few holes to decide who has bragging rights.  Matches are no fun when they are over too soon.