Friday, 17 June 2016

First Wave Finished

Despite missing a few putts that could just as easily have gone in for the same money, and hitting some relatively straight-forward shots in rather loose fashion, my man, Jordan Spieth, made a very impressive up and down from the bunker on nine to stay in touch.

You don't win it on the first day.  But you can definitely lose it.  Rory McIlroy, despite all his pre-tournament positivity, might just have put himself too far back with his seven over par performance, or lack thereof.  Rory really wanted to prove something to himself and the rest of us this week, showing he could handle the tough conditions and the kind of adversity you are bound to face at Oakmont.  So far it doesn't look good.  Rory has never shown himself to be a mudder, or a grinder.  He's the kind of guy who, when he's hot, he's hot; and when he's bad, he's awful.  

After the first wave, it would seem to be anyone's tournament.  While Landry was very impressive with his record-breaking opening round of 66 at Oakmont, the rest of the leaders are bunched around par.  Par just might be a good score at venerable Oakmont.  But the soft conditions just might play into the hands of guys like Day, DJ, and Bubba who can hit it long and high.  

In the meantime, my man Spieth will probably find a way to be there or thereabout come Sunday evening.