Thursday, 30 June 2016

Golf's Fat Cats Are Also Scaredy-Cats

What are we to make of the fact that some of the world's top golfers are electing to drop out of the Olympics?  One thing for certain is they are not a particularly patriotic bunch.  They also have rather short memories.

In days gone by, young, able-bodied golfers went to war for their countries.  Now, they won't play golf because they're afraid they might get a mosquito bite.  The times are certainly changing.  Today's golfers obviously care very little about paying their country back for the support they no doubt received growing up to become top golfers.  Virtually every top player was able to become a top player and travel the world to compete thanks to their country's golfing organizations.  

Now that they are fat-cats, with stuffed wallets, they seem to only care about three things: their own well being, their family, and the almighty dollar--not necessarily in that order.  It's really quite sad.  All the work done and money spent to get golf back in the olympics and now the best players won't go because they're scared--or can't be bothered.  I guess they're not just fat cats; they're a bunch of scaredy-cats.  Or is it just about money?  Usually it all comes down to the almighty dollar in the end.