Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Still Waters Run Deep

There's a saying that still waters run deep.  This can certainly be applied to Dustin Johnson.  Obviously one of the most talented players of his generation, and perhaps the most athletic player in the game, DJ has endured more than his fair share of disappointment in Major Championships.  He must have wondered whether he would ever break through.

And, once again, when in the hunt for another Major, DJ had the misfortune, not only of having his ball move through no obvious fault of his own, but to be told the incident would be reviewed after the official had already determined that there would be no penalty and his playing partner, charged with protecting the field, had agreed.  DJ could not have been blamed for wondering whether this was going to be yet another "here we go again" close call in a Major.  

If he was shaken, he certainly didn't show it.  Still waters run deep.  And when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Perhaps now, after Sunday at Oakmont, we will have to question the whole big three idea.  We may just have to include the rangy guy from Myrtle Beach as a favourite in future Majors.  Now that he's broken through and passed Rory in the world rankings, DJ is perhaps going to get some respect.

Anyone might have been shaken by being told they might be penalized.  But DJ wasn't shaken, he was stirred.