Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Could It Be the Golfing Gods?

I don't know how much talk there has been about golf's top male golfers electing to skip the Rio games.  I haven't heard that much.  But I'm certainly not impressed.  

All the effort to get golf back in the Olympics, and the brightest stars say, "No thanks."  It stinks.  I've certainly lost some respect for these guys, regardless of what excuse they might have used for not going.  

On the heels of this we see another first-time Major champion crowned, and  Rory and DJ missing the cut at the PGA championship, I find myself wondering.  Could the golfing gods be involved?  I'm a great believer in the golfing gods, and I can't help but think they weren't too pleased with the stars who failed to support golf's return to the Olympics.  If you want to grow the game, what better way to do it than make it an Olympic sport?  Have the top players not go, and you have to wonder how long golf will remain an Olympic sport.

Perhaps the golfing gods have decided that those top players are going to have a tough end to their season.  As far as I'm concerned, it would serve them right.  I hope Henrik, Rickie, Bubba, and all the guys that saw the importance of competing in Rio have a great time, give us a great show, and have a great end to the season.  As far as I'm concerned, it would serve them right as well.  Can you imagine Arnie or Jack missing the Olympics?  

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