Monday, 22 August 2016

Don't Worry Be Happy

I've been playing like a bum lately.  Of course it's all relative.  I'm wanting to at least break 80, and am happy when I beat Old Man Par.  Lately, I'm struggling to break 80.  I can come up with excuses, like many of us do--bad back, bad luck, bad putting--as though putting is a different thing altogether and can be used as an excuse.  The simple fact is my game's in the toilet.

However, excuses are helpful for a fragile ego.  That being the case, there seems to be a direct correlation between my game going to hell and me being put on medical marijuana in pill form.  Since going on the maryjane, I'm sleeping through most of the night, pain-free.  I'm using less Dilaudid for pain, and I'm eating bags of Fritos at a high rate of knots.  I'm groggy, especially in the mornings, and I have this sudden urge to listen to Bob Marley.  As for my golf--forget about it!

My doctor had advised me that the hydromorphone was not a performance enhancer.  Well, trust me, marijuana won't help you beat Old Man Par either.  On the other hand, you find you don't spend much time worrying about it.  You don't worry, you just be happy.  

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