Saturday, 6 August 2016

Hogan Clubs

Just for fun, I decided to play with my Hogan Apex blades, old Hogan persimmom woods--driver, three and four woods, and my Bullseye putter.  With the Hogan irons I also used a Cobra Phil Rodgers 56degree wedge that my father had used for years.  The bounce is just about worn off, so it suits me fine.

I played Salt Creek Golf Links near Warkworth, Ontario.  It's a short course--less than five thousand yards.  But it has some very tricky holes, small, domed greens, and fairways lined with evergreen trees.  It's a par 65.  Using my antiquated gear I shot 67, which included me hitting an eight iron out of bounds on a short par three.  Not too bad for an old, fat guy.

Interestingly, I played Salt Creek a few days ago with my modern clubs and shot 72.  The point of all this is that you don't need the modern equipment to play reasonably good golf.  You just need to keep the ball in play and chip and putt reasonably well.  In fact, I may just stick with these old Hogan clubs.  I was no hell with the driver, but the rest of them performed about as well as any of the new stuff I've used.

By the way, I bought all the clubs second hand, except my father's old sand wedge.  I also bought the retro golf bag at a second time around place.  Total cost for the whole set and bag was just under fifty dollars American.  Just goes to show you that golf needn't be that expensive.  It's always second hand clubs for me now.  Actually, I may use these antiques for the rest of my days.  Hogan made great clubs and you really can't beat a Bullseye putter.

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