Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Broke-Back Golf?

Since I began offering my, admittedly unsolicited, views on the game in this form, my blog has been called Top Hand Golf. That is because I had when I started, and still have, become convinced of the vital importance of the top hand in hitting consistently good golf shots.

I am not, however, a top-hand zealot. I know about as well as anyone that there are many ways to swing a golf club effectively. Besides, if focussing on the top hand was an absolute prerequisite, what would I say to a right-handed golfer who had no left hand? And I know there are those sort of golfers out there because I played with one for several years at the Pine Ridge course.

The key to the golf swing, if you must focus on the golf swing at all, is finding the swing that works best. I was reading again today about Sam Snead, who had perhaps the best swing we've ever seen. He said that he recognized how simple and pleasing to the eye his swing was. But he also felt certain that he would have discarded his method in a flash if he found another way that produced better results. He said he would stand on one leg and spit nickels as he swung if he found that it worked better.

In the golf swing, results are everything. There is no requirement, as Bobby Jones wrote, "to look pretty," or stylish, when swinging the club. Results, in the form of a good strike, are all that really matters in golf. So maybe I should change the name of the blog.

One idea is "Broke-Back Golf," because my back is broke and I intend to try to gear more of the information towards finding effective ways to still play when your back is broke. My friend suggests that this name might even attract a new audience. So, I'm definitely thinking about it.

Any other suggestions for a name?

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