Monday, 12 June 2017

Hope Springs Eternal for the USGA

Hope springs eternal that this week will produce a worthy U.S. Open champion. It may seem a bit strange to hope for this, but based on the past few USGA national championships we have to just hope. This is because somehow the USGA has managed to make the last few championships as much or more about the USGA, and/or the sometimes almost incomprehensible rules of golf, than the competitors.

Hopefully, the USGA has learned something and enters this week determined to just let the players play and let them make the headlines for a change. The USGA has taken another chance, hosting this year's championship at Erin Hills, rather than another more iconic and tried and true course. Come Sunday, we will know if they've made the right choice.

I love the idea of the U.S. Open being held on another public course. Hopefully this reflects a continued commitment on the part of the USGA to try to show that golf in America is not just for the rich folk. But, I don't kid myself into thinking that golf in America is anywhere near blue collar. It's still very much the preserve of the well-to-do folks. Let's face it, not many of us can afford to pay the big bucks required to play most of the public courses that find their way onto the USGA's rotas. And more the pity that we can't.

As for me, I will watch, wait, and hope that the USGA stays out of the news and just lets the boys play. If they do, surely we will have a worthy champion crowned come Sunday, or will it be Monday? We shall see.

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